Friday, May 18, 2012

Setting the Scene!

Often we spend a fair amount of time deciding on the perfect theme for our special celebrations and obviously a lot of thought and preparation also goes into what food will be served.  And all too often, the decorations get overlooked which is a real shame as they set the scene and finish the look of your party space.

Honeycomb Tissue Balls are a wonderful way of decorating your party space.  They are simple to put together and are available in a variety of colours both locally and overseas.  If you were to hang a bunch of them above the finished party table, your display would look complete, colourful and balanced.

A selection of Honeycomb Tissue Balls are available locally from Lilybel Studio which you can find here:

If you wanted to string them together as per the above image, then follow the instructions in this article at  The article also mentions a US stockist who will ship internationally.


Nicky x

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