Thursday, July 11, 2013

Out with the Old, In with the New!

I had the opportunity to work with a very wise business mentor recently and we got talking about some of the older designs I currently have for sale.

She said if I wouldn't like to see them on a billboard, then they should go, I shouldn't have them up for sale.  And she's correct of course.  If I'm not loving them, if I'm not loving working on them or personalising them my clients, then no I shouldn't have them for sale.  I've been through and counted up 37 - yes! 37! designs that simply have to go.  Over the next little while I will be taking these designs down and replacing them with new and improved creations, more reflective of me and where I am now.

As a designer, I have grown over the years, my skills have improved and been refined, and some of my earlier work just doesn't show me at my best.

I have lots of ideas for my new designs.  However if there is a particular theme, idea or design you are just itching to see, please drop me a line.  I'm always interested in and appreciative of your feedback and ideas.  After all, it's you who purchase the designs!

Until next time, cheers nicky

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